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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel ... another great murder mystery!

Morgan Mandel has done it again - Two Wrongs is the third novel I've read by her, and each one has held my attention with twists and turns in the plot, interesting character development, and emotions that run the gamut from love to hate, admiration to revenge, fear and bravado.

Danny Calloway begins the story as a sixteen year old who finds his older sister's dead body in the alley way next to their family home. His recollection of the accused having threatened to kill his sister is what convinces the jury that Kevin Green is guilty. Green is sentenced to prison, but not to the death penalty, which infuriates Danny, believing that having taken a life, Green deserves to die.

Critical DNA evidence enters the case nine years after Green is imprisoned, leading to his release, and to Danny's anger escalating at what he sees as a miscarriage of justice. Green's anger matches Danny's, and the two men, having grown in very different environments, set out to kill each other in revenge for what they each view as grave injustice.
A Basketball.

While Green has spent his formative years in prison learning hatred and mechanical skills that will help him find employment on re-entry to civilian life, Danny has spent his in college on a full basketball scholarship, working at becoming as strong as he can so that he will be able to find and end Green's life on the outside.

After the death of his parents, Danny marries, and Green sees his enemy succeeding in life and in love, and his hatred grows. When the two characters eventually encounter each other, more death has occurred, more lives have been impacted, and their animosity for each other has reached deadly proportion.

As with any Morgan Mandel mystery, to tell you here what happens could not do justice to the carefully constructed, multilayered tale she has crafted. You can obtain the book as an Amazon Kindle book here  for less than a cup of coffee!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review for my first bookchild, Terry!

    Morgan Mandel

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