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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daughters (The Sequel to The Coach House) by Florence Osmund


by Florence Osmund

Florence Osmund's DAUGHTERS, is a well written sequel to her first novel, THE COACH HOUSE. Osmund's writing style has developed in this second novel. This book could easily be a stand-alone novel, as it is not dependent on the original story for character development.

Osmund does not weary the reader with tiresome repetition of the earlier book's details; rather, she accomplishes these reminders subtly in conversations between characters.

Marie is the female protagonist of both books. An unusual background presents us with a well-educated single woman in her mid-twenties with her own business, living in the growing post-war economy. The time period is well researched and replicated by the author, and the reader is comfortably introduced to the issue of bi-racial identity.

Civil rights, gender roles and political postures are carefully, realistically and sensitively present in this story. Marie grows through each experience her new family has offered. This novel could well fit into a "coming of age" literature syllabus for young adults.

I unequivocally recommend this author's books for young teens and adults who want to learn more about the American life in the mid-twentieth century. There is something for every age to clarify in this story. Introspective thoughts cannot help but surface after following Marie along her path.

Five stars for content, style and value.

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