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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Quilter's Quarters, introducing my new series

Guest review by Jeanne Claire Probst, a fellow author:

"I just finished reading The Quilter's Quarters  (Mysteries in The Quilter's Quarters) by Terry Crawford Palardy. As I was with other books I have read by this amazing author, I was again entertained and was left with memories of a warm heart who shared her love and appreciation for people down through the years.

Her ability to make a quilt and tailor them to the personality of the recipient was not only creative, but an inspiration. Dealing with everyday life around the trials and challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, Terry again shows her strengths and is a source of encouragement to all who know her.

This book is a must read and whether you like to make quilts or will move you to look for ways you can reach out to others around you. Thank you, Terry, for your fine writing and love for people."

~ Jeanne Claire Probst, Author The Fifteen Houses, A Novel

This book is available at Smashwords for all e-book versions; you can also find it at Amazon for an unexplicably expensive paperback edition, Kindle and free preview you can also shop for it at my website where you'll find an autographed paperback with full color photographs of quilts at a reasonable price. Your choice! :)

I timed the release of this new mystery series to coincide with the opening of our own new quilt shop, the model for that of "Henry and Helen" in the story. You can take a visual tour of our shop at this link; it begins with a slide show of still images, and when you scroll down, there is a video-walk-through of our shop.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Henry and Helen as they enjoy their happily ever after years while struggling through the challenges of this new millennium.