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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Paul Janson, MD, Author of Medical Mysteries!

on May 25, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
Paul Janson's new book, his first novel, introduces a new protagonist
 about whom readers will no doubt want to read more. Joe Nelson,
 a coal miner turned pediatrician (the hard way, with years of study 
and family encouragement) has a calm, easy-going personality,
 a beautiful, equally-talented wife (also an emergency 
room doctor)and a practice in the small town he wants to serve ... the 
small town where he grew up ... the small town where almost
 everyone is related to almost everyone, 
and secrets kept are deep.

Dr. Nelson is accused of malpractice, The local police and local lawyers
 and local court and local jury are all looking into his life, his 
possible ineptitude and his character. With everything on the table 
and little else to lose, Joe begins his own investigation into the death
 of his patient, as Joe alone knows of his own innocence.

Joe's ongoing romantic involvement with his soon to be ex-wife puzzles some and intrigues the reader. 
Other characters develop as Joe's investigation begins; some are those who stand to lose both money 
and credibility should his investigating expose their motives, and some are those who see and appreciate
 Joe's capacity for putting the puzzle pieces together. Joe himself is then a target for those might have a 
motive and a means of having killed his young patient three years ago, and a recipient of benevolent
 assets and support from those who want him to succeed in exposing the guilty.

Family, relationships, community, enmity, greed and murder are all key elements of this engaging novel.
 Just enough medical detail is shared to keep the reader grounded in the story. I strongly recommend it 
to all readers of mysteries, and all readers of medical murder. And it is my fervent wish, as a reader, to 
know more of what will happen in the lives of these main characters. I see series potential.

By Terry on June 26, 2016

I'm enjoying Paul Janson's sequel, WITH A LITTLE MORE PRACTICE. Without having to read through
 repetitious flashbacks as many sequels would require, the characters' personalities as developed in the first novel, 
MALPRACTICE, are easily recognizable and the action begins fairly quickly. This author took the time to visit 
the scenes he chose for his novel, and describes them well enough that the reader has a clear image of the 
setting. The action moves along at a good, unhurried but forward pace and the reader is engaged in the
 dilemma the characters face. I would recommend this for adult readers as the content makes reference
 to some adult issues, though the author does not use unnecessary gratuitous sex or violence in his writing ... 
and I am grateful for that - a good story, written by a good writer. Definitely five stars!