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Friday, June 7, 2013


by Kristie Salerno Kent

Kristie knew she wanted to be a star, even when she was just a little girl. Her mother encouraged her ambitions, and would pay along with Kristie's calling herself Wonder Woman.

Kristie went to college, worked hard, and studied the performing arts with diligence and exuberance. As she finished her formal education, she noticed an inconsistent weakness and unsteady walking. She prided herself on being able to hide this difference form those who might have encouraged her to see a doctor.

When her job became more challenging, her boss understood, and the entire staff was amenable to finding less difficult ways for her to continue working.

Despite her advancing weakness, Kristie is able to truly say that although the word DREAMS ends in MS, her dreams didn't. It's a delightful memoir of a talented young lady who realized goals she once thought would have to be sset aside. It's a realization that she shares with everyone.

This is a book you won't find at Amazon; it can be downloaded for free at Kristie's website, which is funded in part by one of the pharmaceuticals that markets medication for people with multiple sclerosis. Kristie has done a great deal of good as an advocate for people with multiple sclerosis, and for the public in gaining an awareness of what this chronic condition changes in a person's life, and in the lives around someone with MS.

Here's the link to find her website and download the book for free:
Dreams, the ebook

And, here's the link to hear a podcast and see a book trailer for the author's work 

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