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Monday, November 17, 2014

More information on Depression

Hello everyone,
As I write this note, it is cold (36 degrees Fahrenheit) and raining. Not my favorite kind of weather - I much prefer a dry, flaky snow followed by bright blue skies and a clean white cover over Autumn's debris. And I know that the snow will be here soon, and all will be bright again. I have confidence, and trust.

A few years ago, this weather wouldn't have troubled me,  though, as my drive to school at this time of year took place in darkness; the classroom itself was soon filled with colorful excitement of middle school students, and the weather beyond our windows was essentially ignored.

The year I had to retire, though, this weather was very troubling.  I was depressed, and anxious about our financial future, and resentful of the medical prescription for multiple sclerosis that I had been trying to accept for four years of self-injecting nightly, with discomfort, fear and denial of the condition that required such treatment.

Following retirement, I had plenty of time to see additional doctors, was then finally diagnosed with depression, and through trial and error the doctor and I found an effective dosage of the correct antidepressant. It is not an easy determination, but well worth the pursuit.

I had posted a guest essay back in April  titled Depression in Older Adults on this site, and invite you to read that again and see what you might be able to gain from the information shared there. I have recently received an infographic that may help some recognize the reality of their own depression, and seek more and effective treatment from doctors.  I hesitated to admit that a psychiatrist was needed in this journey, but in fact, a psychiatrist is the one who helped me find the correct medication which opened the right path back toward a happy, productive life after retirement. The psychologist that I also found continues to meet with me to help me assess and address ongoing issues through talk therapy.

This infographic was sent to me by Maggie Danhakl • Assistant Marketing Manager of Healthline • The Power of Intelligent Health
660 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107  | @Healthline  | @HealthlineCorp

Maggie asked that I share it here with you, and I am happy to do so.
Happy. Yes, that is what I am now.  No longer a teacher, but a quilt shop entrepreneur,  signing on to medicare in just a few months with the knowledge that I am still able to meet expectations, provided needed goods and services (fabric and quilting guidance) and enjoy a happily ever after long sought.

Here's the link to the graphic that will help you recognize the Effects of Depression on the Body.  Just click on a label that you want to read more about.

Thank you, Maggie, for helping me to keep others informed and actively seeking appropriate medical care. 

Be well, all.

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