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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February! ..................... Reading and Reviewing 21: Whisper A Scream by Pete Turner

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Whisper a Scream by Pete Turner: Amazon Kindle version     Smashwords version

This was my novice reading in the Christian Horror genre, and it was quite an introduction. Demons, angels, preachers, therapists, fire and brimstone, mystery, curses, scriptures, religious history, revelations, time travel, dream-scapes ... it was a mystery with an elusive target. What was he searching for? What was he finding? Who could be trusted, and who could not?

Pete Turner displayed a wealth of knowledge and a breadth of scriptural stories and quotes . He weaves a tale of humanity vs. the supernatural, of friendship vs faith, and of some family members lost and mourned, and others simply set aside for the time being. A hint of history and a splash of natural settings and he has set the scene for a pyrotechnic drama on a nearly blank canvas.

There were some typos, some fragments, and a dialect that was somewhat jarring, but all of these blended  gradually more gracefully into the story as the reader continued to follow the main character to his destiny.

I am glad I continued with the character to the end ... but will let you read it to see why. Four Stars from a first time Christian Horror reader!

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