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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Ends Tomorrow!

 It's Leap Year, and so there is still one day left in February ... one day left to get a 50% discount on Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma. To make sure you get this savings, go to this link:  Create Space   and use this discount code ND67VUCJ at the checkout.  This offer will be repeated during Multiple Sclerosis Week, the third week of March, 2012. But don't wait ~ you'll want to read it before then, so that you'll understand why we are walking for more research funding for MS!

I've been struggling with the software to create a scrolling slide show of my book covers. I have not yet succeeded in embedding it into the side bar of this site (though I am happy with the eye-pleasing sunsets that are holding the space for now.)  In the meantime, you can see the book covers:  See my books here

This week I'm reading a new book released last month. It is a novel, though not in the murder mystery genre that I've been featuring for the past few weeks. It is, though, a mystery of sorts. The question to be answered is why the federal and state governments would be charging a doctor with a felony ... I'm almost finished with the book, and I will write a review.  The author may then join us at this site and talk about why and how she wrote this story. Stay tuned. And here is the link to her novel: Target: Pain Doc . You can preview some of the pages of her book at that link.

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