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Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Discount, a second Evan Katy review, and a new look for the blog!

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A Bomb in February by Evan Katy

A Bomb in February is the second Samantha Rialto mystery in the new series by  Evan Katy. Samantha, barely recovered after the injuries sustained in the first book, is again at risk when her neighbor's house is incinerated and her own is damaged. Working with her old mentor, Turnbuckle, and her possible boyfriend, Ben, her best friend forever Maxie, and other characters from the first story, Samantha again experiences injury, kidnapping, explosions and confusion.

Will Ben, her former husband's former partner, be able to let go of his guilt for not realizing the abuse she sustained in her marriage? Will her ex-husband continue to pursue her forgiveness? Will her father, the retired chief of police, and her mother, distraught at her daughter's choice of companions and part time employment, offer her shelter without overruling her choices? And with all of this happening, will she be able to resume her career as a middle school music teacher, restoring the school's focus on learning beyond academics?

This book held my attention into the wee hours of the night. It is a mystery with many layers, driven by characters whose emotions are as complex as a Celtic knot. Evan Katy has created Samantha Rialto as a character who will last through many novels ahead, and I'm on board to read each one as it arrives.

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A New Look:
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