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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sharing my poetry, and the February Discount

  Poetry to Share, Vol. I

This collection of poems has been gathered from scraps of paper, notebook pages, and mellow memories of time spent with family and friends. "Rain Sketches" is a description of sitting with my mother at the window of her nursing home, watching the drizzling raindrops alter our reflections in the glass and bring to our eyes views of relatives past. "Namaste" is a counted syllable shape poem that honors the Indian saying, loosely translated by Mother Teresa as "I see God in every human being." Here is a partial sample from this collection:

If you sense a scent of balsam
With a hint of mince and clove
In this blanket I did knit a bit
Christmas Eve, by the tree
Window candles lit my lap
Needles clicking, while nearby
Robbie's Lego's snapped together
Under Grampy's watchful eye.

Knitting stockings on double-pointed needles. ...

If you sense a scent of Nana's house
Her creams, or Grampy's soap
In this blanket I did knit a bit
In their kitchen, full of hope
That one day these little stitches
All would warm your baby's nights
Each one made with thoughts and wishes
That your futures will be bright.


 Poetry to Share, Vol. II

 Some poems for teachers, some for writers, one for a favorite folk artist, and some just for fun.This collection also contains the lyrics of a love song, begun in my second year of college and completed a year before my retirement. There is also a touch of spiritual gratitude and an answer to a young student's prayer. It is a sweet bouquet of nature, both human and floral. Here is a partial sample:

My yard is a haven for all things wild              
      What others call weeds I have loved since a child
 The dandelions grow as they did way back then 
Always waiting as fluff to be puffed once again
English: Wildflowers

Whatever the wild green ground cover is called
It is rich and luxurious and need not be mowed
To think that some kill these young innocent plants
Unable to see the wind's grace in their dance
What others call weeds I rename as wildflowers
I sit and admire for hours and hours.

To read the rest of these poems, and many others in my collections, go to my author's page at this link

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