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Monday, February 6, 2012

February Gift Discount, and a Rachel Abbot Novel

Monthly multiple sclerosis MRI animationMultiple Sclerosis never stops

 This is a video of a multiple sclerosis  patient's brain scans taken each month in Germany. It shows the continuing damage to the brain. The overall size of the brain is affected by the damage as well.

Book Review: Only the Innocent, by Rachel Abbot

Rachel Abbott has written an incredible story with many layers of mystery. The tale is of a young successful woman who captures the eye of a well known philanthropist and suddenly finds herself awaiting her wedding day with understandable anticipation. This cultured gentleman insists on handling all of the details for the ceremony and reception, which invites early disapproval from Laura's mother.

Seeing this as a step up in class, Laura struggles to accept her new husband's polite insistence on controlling every aspect of her life - something girls are now taught in school to recognize as a form of bullying. Laura is isolated from her family and former co-workers, a classic sign of an abusive relationship.(The material may not be age-appropriate for young adolescents, but may be very helpful for high school students' discussions.)

The vibrant beauty and personality of Laura gradually diminishes, the result of doubting her ability to make cultured choices. Her sadness is fed by his expressions of disappointment in her each time she attempts to assert her own styles and preferences.

The story takes a sharp turn from sadly struggling with lowered self esteem to fearful submission to a recognized danger, and a frightening assumption exposed as truth.

Rachel Abbot's story will leave you with haunting memories of characters unseen in the public eye, with empathy for the women who try to make the best of a marriage, and with recognition that everyone has a back story to their lives ... Her description of settings is masterful, her characters have depth, and the story line is a watercolor image of sadness leading to strength. I look forward to more of Rachel Abbot's writing. 

Rachel has recently begun a website about her book, where she has provided maps and still photos of Laura's journey through the book. Visit and enjoy at: Rachel's interactive travel site.

February Book Discount: Go to CreateSpace to enter the discount code ND67VUCJ and you will receive a 50% price discount on Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma. This offer expires at the end of February, so don't wait too long to order your copy of my book!
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