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Friday, February 17, 2012

Reading and Reviewing 23: A well written Sandy Reid mystery by Rod Hoisington

One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington

Who is she, and who is in the pool?

What a great story line! The twists and turns had me guessing right up to the point where the killer was identified. Sandy has a telephone call from her older brother who has been arrested and charged with murder in Florida. Initially she does not respond to his plea for help. But without too much delay, she does decide to leave her job in Philadelphia and bring her investigative skills to his small town. The cast of characters includes both old and new money, politics, and nepotism. There is a chase scene, a few deaths following the original murder, and some unfortunate nationalistic slurs against Cuban Floridians.

The woman on the cover is NOT the sister of the man accused of murder. I won't give away the ending by telling you more, but I do give this five stars. Beyond the intrigue of the mystery, it is a true pleasure to read a well written book on Kindle!

Rod's second mystery in the Sandy Reid series is titled The Price of Candy, and can be found at Amazon by clicking this link.

The third in the series, Such Wicked Friends,  is reviewed at the link below:

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  1. Thank you so much for your overly-generous review of One Deadly Sister. I’m pleased you found something enjoyable in it. I note with interest your literary accomplishments and in particular your interest and skill in poetry.
    By a trivial coincidence, an old neighbor of yours figures in the next book in my continuing mystery series. The protagonist discovers that her detective lover had once given a book of Emily Dickinson love poems to an old flame who is suddenly back in his life and involved in a murder. Is this fun, or what?
    I intend to use her poem “Come slowly, Eden!” as the frontispiece in the book in the hope a few readers will be moved to pick up a book of poetry.
    Best wishes with your blog and all your endeavors.

  2. Hello Rod,
    I'm honored that you chose to respond here. And I am fortunate to live in a commonwealth that has been home to many famous writers through the centuries. We once almost bought a small home adjacent to the Whittier birthplace in Haverhill, but declined as it sat on a sloping lot with a stream running beneath the house. As President John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts once said, "... we all breathe the same air..." and that cannot fail to inspire me to continue writing!

    Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to more of your stories. It is a genre that I will address next in the kaleidoscope of my writings.


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