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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge?
 by David Bishop

David Bishop has written a masterful mystery, engaging his reader in conversation that offers both a story and an inside glimpse at how a former detective turned imprisoned murder turned skillful writer views life. Matthew Kile has come to grips with his own code of morality, and he lives comfortably within his own limits.

A continuing friendship with his former partner  Fidgery places Matt back on the job, albeit in a different role as a private investigator. Matt's luscious neighbor and friend is accused of murdering her wealthy, elderly husband, and Matt is her alibi, for they were together during the time that her husband was killed. 

Her husband, Garson Talmadge, former arms dealer in France linked speculatively with a partnership involving Saddam Hussein, has an adult son and daughter who, with Clarice, will share the millions left behind when Talmadge is killed. How much each will share creates considerable debate and provides a motive for the killing. 

David Bishop draws the reader into the life and mind of Matt Kile, whose thoughts ramble freely while considering the changing scene of violent crime and the people involved in the past and current decades. Meeting with ex-cons, business lawyers, criminal defenders here in the states, and then flying to France and encountering inquisitive FBI agents, French police officers, and thugs abroad add dimensions to this mystery and the character pursuing it. Kile's persona comes across as charming, knowledgeable, and somewhat vulnerable to his own passions, and to those whom he admires. 

Brief references to his former family life, with an ex-wife and  children, and his comfortable relationship with Fidgery's close family are poignant thoughts the reader is allowed to share with the character/writer. The mystery of who murdered Garson Talmadge takes a number of probable twists and turns, leaving most readers wondering until the end, and leaving all of us wondering what Matt Kile will ultimately learn about the people involved, and himself.

Five Stars for David Bishop's carefully plotted  and beautifully written mystery!

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