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Monday, January 30, 2012

Still Coming by Joseph Flynn, & Birthday Gift to You!

Still Coming by Joseph Flynn
Rejected College Students say they are coming anyway!!
I gave this Kindle book Five Stars, and found it here at Amazon

I enjoyed this book, and found it plausible in today's technologically skilled world. A small group of techno-talented high school students rejected by the big colleges (Harvard, Yale, Princeton Stanford) find out why the colleges did not accept the brightest among them, and decide to retaliate, using their skills to create nerve wracking disturbances in this college town. The characters are believable, the setting is easy to visualize,  the behaviors of the adults is predictably true to form, and the climax is well worth the wait.

 Here's the Birthday Gift for All of You!

Go to Amazon for the preview but to CreateSpace for the discount !
 And because February is my birthday, I am offering my blog readers a chance to buy the paperback version of Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma at a special Happy Birthday discount of 50% ! Just go to Create Space,  Publisher's link: and at the checkout, enter this    Discount Code : ND67VUCJ
Then click the " apply discount" tab and you will see the reduced price.

February is a great month for reading indoors, or by a fire place at the ski lodge, or wherever you may be!

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