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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reading and Reviewing 13: The Dorky Homemade Look (what else for 13?)

That Dorky Homemade Look: Quilting Lessons from a Parallel UniverseThat Dorky Homemade Look: Quilting Lessons from a Parallel Universe by Lisa Boyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very funny book, with practical tips for beginning quilters who will be relieved that a book allows for human mistakes. There is no perfection in the world of dorky quilts, but as the author, Lisa Boyer, points out, no one has ever cuddled with an heirloom quilt hanging in a gallery or packed away in acid-free tissue. I read this book long ago, and thought of including it only when I referred to it on my facebook page, Terry's Thoughts and Threads. Join me there - you'll find Daily Tips for quilting and/or writing. No pre-requisite skills required!

Oh - you can find this book at Amazon for less than $10.00. In fact, you can find it there, used, for a penny (plus shipping that makes up for the bargain price.)
But hurry, there are only 2 left in stock (or so it has said for many years!)

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