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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two more reviews, and Day 5 of the WEGO health prompt

Day 5: The Ekphrasis Post. Go to and write a post inspired by the image... link it to your health focus ... post the image.

I found at that page Rodin's sculpture, The Farewell. and wrote what elicited this initial reaction/post from me:

I can't post the image, as it is noted "All rights reserved."  But I have linked it here for you:
 "The Farewell" by Rodin (sculpture)

The eyes appear to be looking to the left, indicating a memory. The hands seem to be repressing a spoken thought, remembering something that ought not be shared. It's a pensive pose, and one suggesting some confusion. The word "enigma" is titling the post of this image.

I use the word enigma in my book title, Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma. It is a diagnosis that leaves one with only unknowns, and regrets for having sought an answer but having found only more questions. I was my doctor's enigma, a patient with a great deal of clinical evidence of the disease but showing few visible symptoms, and no acceptance of what science pronounced as true.

I've often written in my journal of the losses brought to me with this diagnosis. My reaction to the treatment prescribed was negative, prompting unwanted feelings of present and future losses, beginning with the loss of energy (fatigue), organizational skills (depression related) and anxiety (also depression related.) These losses led to the loss of my career (public school teacher) and my self image (30 years of successful teaching and collegiality.) My loss of my classroom created a void in my social contacts, loss of my partners and their wit and wisdom. I might well have, at times, taken the pose of Rodin's sculpture.

So, to turn this post from negative to positive, I will offer you other reactions: those of readers of my book!


There are two more reviews posted at Amazon for Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma:

From "Hot Toddy", an author whose own book shares the story of an MS diagnosis and path:

As avid readers know, the quality of books in the literary landscape has changed, but Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma by Author Terry Crawford Palardy renews our appreciation for the written word. Author Palardy skillfully composed a well-written book and conveyed a story of compassion and resilience for her respected readers.

As a former teacher herself, Author Palardy did not ask the reader to overlook typos, or disregard poor sentence structure. Instead, the book is a well-formatted, fluid glimpse into the sometimes challenging, always endearing family she so eloquently introduces to us.

We learn who the self-described author and her family are, not by what she says, but by what they do. She doesn't tell us within quotes, that she and her spouse love their parents instead she tells us that they visited them daily, sacrificed their own finances, yet continue to smile when visited by a memory of their now dearly departed parents. Her wonderful husband doesn't spout I love you's either, rather the author tells us that he carries her purse without hesitation. In addition, she doesn't 'tell' us that she's a dedicated teacher, but she tells the willful doctor that she's happy to see him...anytime outside of school hours. We experience the compassion and commitment that exists within this family from the deeds so proficiently, yet humbly described.

Yes, there is talk of doctors, diseases, diets and medications, but it's framed so very well in a magnificent family photo.

Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma, is a story of unconditional love shared over decades between generations of two families joined by a marriage strengthened from reverence to their marital vows.

It's a worthy investment for the serious reader who will immediately share this title when asked, "Have you read any good books lately?"

From Faye, another friend who shares the diagnosis of MS: 

Amazing! As I read along, I felt I was walking right beside her. In the story you could see that she was sticking to her recollections of symptoms throughout her life starting at an early age. And as I stated to her, I wonder also, were her family members misdiagnosed and had MS as well. We will never know. I felt comfortable walking beside Terry through her journey as I felt she had my heart in hand. I admired her for many years, but now is "special" to me! Quite brave to share such intimate details along this struggle we all experience in the Dragon of MS.

I recommend to all with MS and friends/family of someone suffering from MS!

Beautiful Read!
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