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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 22 Writing Prompt: The Things We Forget

I used to need a list to remember everything I needed to take with me when I left the house at 6:30 in the morning ... I taped the list to the frame of the back door, so that I would see it as I left.  Here is the list:

Iron turned off
Coffee turned off
computer bag
school bag
cell phone
travel cup of coffee
lunch bag
lights off
door locked

Those were the things  that were necessary for me to leave town with peace of mind, knowing I would not have to turn around to go back for one or two of them if forgotten. These were in the years when Rob was in college, Rick was working an earlier day than I, and I was leaving the house last. These were the years after my parents had passed, and before my diagnosis of RRMS had been finalized. Our lives had settled down somewhat, but my memory of last minute details was weakening.  Evenings extended into late nights with paperwork taking more time and energy each night ... correcting essays was becoming more difficult, recording scores on computer with tiny squares and failing eyesight ... age was taking its toll as well.

But during my last few years at school, Rick was home with me in the morning, and he did his best to be sure that I had all that I'd need for the day each morning. Still, the list stayed taped in place.

Now retired, I don't have to rush anywhere. I don't have to leave and lock a door behind me, worrying that I'm forgetting something. I can sleep in most mornings. I have no papers to correct, no scores to record, no meetings to remember and no worries about deadlines.

Rick and I are almost always together now. We are back to sharing one vehicle. We double-check each other and laugh when we've both forgotten something. But the list is still taped to the back door frame ~ a reminder that the good old days are behind us now, and we are living our happily ever after, together, and safe.

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