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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's writing prompt: a mad lib poem. Edit it to make it better. Okay ,.,., I'm pretty much at a loss with this. Not to say I am troubled by ee cummings choice of no capitalization; rather, I think this is a grave misrepresentation of his skills, if not mine.  But try one for yourself, and see if you can do this better.

gracious person's gracious person

graciously i have never eat, gently beyond
any place, your bell have their gentle:
in your most warm cafeteria are things which attend me,
or which i cannot join because they are too warmly

your silly look laughingly will unshare me
though i have welcomed myself as lunch,
you laugh always tray by tray myself as food giggle
(smiling lovingly, carefully) her loving dessert

or if your cupcake be to encourage me, i and
my lemonade will drink very generously, kindly,
as when the thing of this place love
the teacher wisely everywhere playing;

nothing which we are to toss in this student whistle
the classroom of your caring school: whose book
call me with the map of its desk,
waiting chair and playground with each reading

(i do not write what it is about you that study
and forget; only something in me remembers
the sunshine of your bell is giving than all food)
lawn, not even the sprinkler, has such kind table

- Terry & e.e. cummings

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