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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 Health Awareness Prompt: Stream of Consciousness day

Stream of consciousness ... conscientiousness ... thinking about thinking ... metacognition ... what is it I'm thinking of when I'm not thinking on purpose ... I'm not sure ... I think I would be thinking about not thinking, and wondering why I'm trying not to think of something.

The old joke is that when you tell someone not to think of the elephant, that is all they can think of. Asking us to write in a stream of consciousness ... would almost make it impossible to do that, for we're thinking of trying not to think on purpose. Why do I keep coming back to that?

Word association is easier to do ... I wonder if that will come up in a prompt? This seems silly, thinking about not thinking purposely but recording what random thoughts may stray through our conscious self...

I guess I'm not ready yet to live such an unstructured life ... if I'm writing something, it is to be read, either by others, or by myself in another time ... I wouldn't bother to write it otherwise. Even private poetry deserves a re-reading by the author if no one else.

This is not my favorite prompt ... maybe I'm too worried about not doing this right, not being able to write without thinking, or write of thinking.

I'm not finding a way to link this to health ... guess it's not number one on my mind. Writing, and thinking, they are number one today.
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  1. I love Zemanta ... it always finds something relevant that I can post to consider alternative views to an article. The second one offered above is about the biology of the brain. I have many MRIs of mine, and it is clear that my brain is gradually shrinking (not for lack of use, but due to MS and age.) It is also clear that the slow growing benign mass seen in the meningeal tissues at my left frontal lobe may be one reason why I have resistance to this "stream of consciousness" type of writing.

    But I tried. And found a way, here in the comment, to link this prompt to health!


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