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Monday, March 12, 2012

Madison Johns Returns!

Madison Johns is an author whose first published book I have reviewed here, but I wanted her to come back and tell us more about herself. Madison's first book, Coffin Tales, Season of Death contained two short stories. Her next is a full novel, a mystery featuring two elderly ladies who get into a pickle now and then. When the book is released, I'll read and review it here for you. But for now, let's meet Madison:

Hi Madison, what inspired you to write and publish books?

Hi Terry, my fiancé, Nick said once that he had always wanted to be a writer and just like that, I started writing. I know it sounds dumb huh? I have always had a vivid imagination as a child that seemed a little over the top. It's like these voices inside my head wouldn't shut up. It's like they were screaming, "Let us out!" I'm embarrassed to say that I often secluded myself during those years. My imagination was a safe place where nobody could hurt me. Of course if you write a book, you want to have it published.

Do you have a favorite author or genre on your bookshelf?

Janet Evanovich is the top of my list. I can't say I'm a chick lit kind of girl exactly, but she makes writing in first person seem so easy. It's in her books that I discovered a part of myself I had no idea was buried inside. I have always loved romance and mystery too ala Lisa Jackson and Lisa Gardner. I think Ms. Jackson needs a shrink or something. (Laughs.)

Can you tell us a little about yourself as a writer?

I have multi layers inside of me. The first genre I wrote was horror, but I'm gonna blame my fiancé for that as he used to do horror illustrations. I then wrote a bone chilling thriller, The Bone Extractor, which is as of yet unpublished. I then found that I enjoyed writing humor and pounded out what will be my first novel, Armed and Outrageous.

How old were you when you first wrote and shared your writing?

Forty-four, I know, right? How strange is that?

I think I was about that age when I first wrote columns for the paper. What do you want your readers to take from this novel?

 From Armed and Outrageous I want readers to laugh out loud as they read the antics of seventy-two year old Agnes Barton, and her partner in crime, Eleanor Mason. I want people to alter what they think about senior citizens. Okay and if you like mystery, they solve crimes too.

Do you have a favorite character in your book?

 Eleanor Mason is my favorite by far, she gets all the best line and has more freedom to behave badly.

Do you have a favorite character or setting in another book or books?

I love Hanover, IL, the setting for Hell Crow. I love the concept of a town where everything seems so perfect, until the crows come to town that is.

Can you tell us a little about your favorite space in which to write ... or preferred time of day ... or season?

My office and computer are basically in my bedroom. That means I can get up at any time I want and write. I have a map of Montana and pictures attached to it or surrounding it. Most of which are Illustrations or potential covers for books that are waiting to be published. I prefer to write in the middle of the night when it's quiet.

Are you planning to write another book?Will it be a sequel to this one, or a totally new story? 
I'm planning a sequel to Armed and Outrageous. I have like a thousand words started so far.

How have your friends and family responded to your book, and to your being a writer?

This is a hard question because I don't think people realize this is a real thing for me. Many people look at writing as a hobby not a job.

 Thanks, Madison, for sharing these thoughts with us. I'm really looking forward to the new book, Armed and Outrageous. I'm so happy to know someone who loves working with elders and recognizes their strength and sense of humor!

Madison's book, Coffin Tales, Season of Death, can be seen at Amazon. And Madison has her own blog, where she features other authors and their works. Her newest venture is her book page, to which she invites all of you for previews of Armed and Outrageous!

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  1. Love the new photo, Madison! Thanks for interviewing here. Looking forward to the new book, Armed and Outrageous!


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