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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Reviews for Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma

I'm happy to post  more positive reviews of Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma. will be promoting the book during the month of April, and more reviews may follow.

Carmen Ambrosio, author of Life Continues, has written: 

"Bookended by the challenging generational demands of growing children and seriously ill elderly parents, dedicated educator Terry Crawford Palardy put everyone else's needs before her own for years--even as she experienced perplexing neurological symptoms.

Fluid dialogue and vivid descriptions reveal the author's protracted, diagnostic odyssey. Readers share alongside Terry the physical and emotional toll of getting to and through physician consultations, diagnostic procedures, tests, and treatments. The escalating frustration, confusion, and fear she feels when she interacts with certain medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance company staffers may be familiar to others who have a chronic illness or their caregivers.

Finally, Terry connects with doctors she trusts. A once elusive MS diagnosis becomes definitive. Throughout her ordeal, Terry resolves to preserve her dignity. She is bolstered both by her religious faith and by her husband's consistently calm, reassuring presence. His devotion to her is the embodiment of unconditional love. Despite losses and lingering unanswered questions, Terry remains true to her conviction to decide treatment options for herself.

When I finished the last chapter, I applauded Terry's determination to deal with multiple sclerosis on her own terms. It was a rousing ovation I hoped somehow she could hear."

And Faye Manos Quinn, another person experiencing multiple sclerosis, has written:

"Amazing! As I read along, I felt I was walking right beside her. In the story you could see that she was sticking to her recollections of symptoms throughout her life starting at an early age. And as I stated to her, I wonder also, were her family members misdiagnosed and had MS as well. We will never know. I felt comfortable walking beside Terry through her journey as I felt she had my heart in hand. I admired her for many years, but now is "special" to me! Quite brave to share such intimate details along this struggle we all experience in the Dragon of MS.

I recommend to all with MS and friends/family of someone suffering from MS!

Beautiful Read!"

Lauren DuBois, in France, posted this review of the book on

"Terry's memoir is a story of courage and hope. It's so well-written that I feel I know the author personally. She writes of her life which was interrupted with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis - a debilitating disease.
It's important for anyone who is newly-diagnosed or for family members, caregivers, friends to read this novel and get a good understanding of how MS can shake up a person's life.
Kudos to Terry for writing and sharing her innermost thoughts on her disability."

A winner of the book's Giveaway at Goodreads, Shane, sent this review:

"I entered this contest for my aunt. It took her a while to read it because of her condition but she finally emailed me to tell me what she thought. She wanted me to thank the author for allowing me to win this and that although she is in really bad shape, she said it gives her hope. I believe that she is going to be trying some of the steps that Terry took and will run some by her doctor as well. And she said she is going to start a journal to occupy her mind. Tv is getting old she said. All those channels and nothing to watch. LOL Her words Not mine. Sorry it took so long Terry. And thanks for the book. It put a smile on my aunts face and gave her some hope."
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  1. And thank you, Lauren, for reviewing the book at Amazon. It's nice to know that I have a reader in France! Blessings to you. ~ Terry

  2. My thanks to you, Carmen and Faye, for taking the time to both read the book and to review it at Amazon, so that others will understand its value to people with multiple sclerosis and their families and friends! I appreciate you, both!

  3. Shane - I am so happy that you were a winner in the Goodreads Giveaway of Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma. That you entered it to win a book for your aunt makes it even more sentimental. I am happy she is beginning to journal ... a win win all around! Thank you so much for sharing her review for her!


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