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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reading and Reviewing 2

I've just finished (well, almost finished) reading a book that was introduced to me on a Facebook page for writers of fiction. Now, I've not written a fiction book yet, as I've been busy with the "must be done" writings to clear my brain for fun ahead. But somehow, I was invited to join this closed group on Facebook.

I have no idea who chose my name, but am grateful, because I have met an interesting, supportive group at that page. The page is called "Talking Fiction." And the same day I was invited to that page, I was invited to another Facebook page, titled "Share and Promote your Book." I am enjoying making new contacts at that page, too. But the downside is that my email in-box is overflowing with Facebook notifications that someone has posted something on one of those two pages, in addition to my own two pages at Facebook. Oh well, communication is good. There is probably a way to limit the double notification. I'll find it eventually.

You might wonder why I've posted a review before finishing the last two chapters of the book - It is a mystery book as well as a science fiction and paranormal book, and I wanted to write the review while I was still in suspense myself. No spoiler alert here!

The Lilean Chronicles - RedemptionThe Lilean Chronicles - Redemption by Merita M. King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm now at page 261, at the beginning of chapter 18, with only two chapters to go. But before I finish the book, and so possibly ruin your reading by telling too many details at the finish, I will post this review now:

The Lilean Chronicles: Redemption, by Merita King

This book was recommended to me as part paranormal, part sci-fi, and it is surely both of those. Merita’s characters are quickly and effectively developed with intriguing detail. The confusion her main character, Farra (a thirty-ish woman from earth who has taken on an intergalactic military career,) faces in the first few chapters helps guide the reader into the strange settings. The paranormal character is both her guide and the omniscient guide for the reader as well.

Farra’s task, to personally place the hard-won valuable cube into the hands of the elusive one who can reverse the unfair trial findings of a Lilean hero, restoring his reputation and potentially his race, requires more than a human’s strength, and so early in the book she is transformed with bionic improvements.

Rather than spoil the story by giving more details, I’ll just say that anyone interested in galactic intrigue, interplanetary relationships, danger and the unexpected will want to read this story. It offers all of the elements that this genre requires for success.

I posted the review at Amazon, Amazon UK, Goodreads, and Lulu.

I feel like I've truly joined the 'writers of the world' now, posting international reviews of others' work, and knowing that one day, people will be posting reviews of my books, too.

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