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Friday, December 30, 2011

Reading and Reviewing 10

Giving It Away, a short story by Pete Morin, at, for free!

Five Stars

Imagine living in southeast Maine and winning a lottery for a hundred million dollars. So many ordinary people find that suddenly coming into a lot of money changes their lives in unexpected ways. How nice that Pete wrote a story that allowed the winners to remain themselves, happily in love, loving their jobs, and living their lives together. I relish stories of the people in Maine, the settings there, and the goodness that is found in hard working people. Thanks, Pete, for a happy ending so sweet.

To read Pete's short story, click on Giving It Away

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Terry, for the sweet compliment!

    Years ago, I was given a complete set of the works of Joseph Lincoln, 44 novels written between 1899 and 1945 about Cape Cod folks in the 1800's. Cap'n Eri, Cap'n Dan's Daughter, Dr. Nye, Keziah Coffin, you get the picture. All Cape Cod people with stout hearts and true character. Quaint, these days.

    I wrote the story after we'd sold the Kennebunk home we owned for 35 years. Lyman is just up the road.


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