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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Keeping a Blog

I'm finding my way through various types of social media: Facebook, my own website, Twitter (which still eludes me - I'm there, but hanging by a thread (excuse the pun), and Goodreads, and Rick's Facebook page for his shop, and my Facebook page for my writing and quilting tips, and now this blog.

I'll give you all those social network sites at the end of this entry, but I have to ask myself, do I need all of these outlets?

I enjoy Facebook - I have my own page, the first that I opened this spring, when I realized how much family information I was missing by not having one. Photos, reminders of dates, birthdays, gatherings - and now I have my second page, which I use to focus on offering writing tips and quilting tips each day. Thinking of the tips and writing them causes me to try to live up to them, which is a good thing. And Rick and I have the shop page, and Rick has his own page, to keep up with fire fighter and other friends.

I've recently been invited to and joined two writers' pages on Facebook as well, and they generate a lot of traffic ... fellow writers posting questions to each other, and promoting their books and asking others to review them. I've joined that activity as well, and have reviewed more than a few of their books this past week, and sent one of my books off to West Virginia and Ontario for reviews. One of the writers, happy with my review of her work, asked me to post it to Amazon UK, which I did, feeling very international at that point.

We both have emails ... we both have two email addresses, one for personal email and one for "business," but the lines are usually blurred between my accounts. I'm getting better at unsubscribing to things I never wanted and didn't realize I'd subscribed to. I even figured out how to avoid duplication notifications of every post that every person on my friend list was posting. I really didn't need forty-seven emails letting me know that friends were talking on Facebook while I was looking at Goodreads ... because I knew I would have as many notifications when I came back to the page. I wouldn't miss a thing.

My website has been a bit neglected. Before Facebook, I was updating the website at least once a week, adding bits of new writing to collections of old, and finding and posting pictures that went with certain pieces. I loved building the Quilter's Quarters page. It's still there as I left it months ago. That's the thing about a website, and I guess about this blog. They don't disappear. They stay right where you left them, easily accessible by the table of contents.

Well, I promised you the list of social media addresses, so i'll cut and paste them here. Feel free to visit me anywhere, and say hello to Rick, too!

You can follow me at Twitter, though I don't know where I'll lead you, as I’m often lost myself there ... twitter@#thoughtsthreads

you can blog with me at my new blog site, where I'm trying to build a writer's audience base (

you can still visit at my original website where I've posted a lot of writing and many photos of quilts with stories (

you can see what I’m up to reading at Goodreads (

You can see what’s new in my world of published books at Amazon

You can spend some Facebook time with me at Terry's Thoughts and Threads to see my daily tips for writers and quilters.

Or you can come and visit Rick and me at Wooden Toys and Gifts / to see beautiful pictures of the things that Rick builds to make people happy.

Or over at Rick's Facebook page called Wooden Toys and Gifts

Happy Clicking!

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