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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reading and Reviewing 5 : Two from Peggy Webb

A few days ago, I reviewed a book, Christmas In Time, that flashed back to the beginning of the twentieth century, aboard the Titanic. The author, Peggy Webb, has written so many books that I could spend the rest of this year and most of next just reviewing her books. Peggy is a southern writer who also teaches writers in Mississippi. Each of her books are available inexpensively at Kindle. Here are my reviews for two more from her vast collection.

Touched By Angels (Loveswept, No 538)Touched By Angels by Peggy Webb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a timeless story, not limited by a particular decade but possible in any of those I've lived in. The characters are developed so carefully, so artfully, and their inner conflicts remain inner but eventually lead to a climactic resolution between the two main characters. The child, Jenny, born "special" plays a partial role in bringing these two adults together and then apart. In the sequel, well, ... I won't tell you yet! Jenny's mother, Sarah, presents a strong female lead and for that alone, I would recommend this book for adolescent girls as well as adults. There is romance, but the scenes are tastefully and discreetly presented.

Here is a link to Kindle for Touched by Angels.

A Prince for Jenny (Loveswept, No 656)A Prince for Jenny by Peggy Webb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jenny's own story is the topic of this sequel to Touched by Angels. Though Jenny was born "special", meaning challenged in speech/language and gross motor skills, she is adept with a paintbrush and charcoal, and is now earning an independent income through her portraiture. Physically, she is as beautiful as her mother Sarah was in the original story. Her determination to be who she is, and to use the talents God has given her, adds a soothing spiritual element to her character. She experiences emotional ups and downs very similar to those experienced by her mother, though she was too young to realize and compare these situations to her own in adult life. The romance and love scenes are more plentiful than in the first book, and are a bit more revealing than in Jenny's mother's story. If I were to question one character's development in this sequel, it would be that of her mother Sarah, who plays nearly an invisible role. I enjoyed both books, and am amazed at the productivity of this author.

Here is the Kindle link for A Prince for Jenny.

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  1. Terry, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful reviews. Jenny was based on a child in my own extended family who was born special. In the brief time she was with us, we learned so much from her, especially about courage. Still, writing A Prince for Jenny presented quite a challenge, and I'm delighted that you showed such great appreciation for the book.


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