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Friday, April 4, 2014

You Tube Book Promotions

When you self-publish a book, you not only write the book, publish the book, reconfigure it for an e-book edition and purchase books for local gift shops, libraries and the like: you also market the book.

Promoting it via local advertisements, local author events at libraries, or book signings at gift shops that are willing to stock your book ... or social media such as Facebook, Linked-In, blogs, websites ... or free copies in coffee shops, or to friends and family with a request that they share it with their friends and families ...

Sometimes, the marketing gets in the way of the writing. Sometimes the author tires of it. More often the author's circle of friends and family tire of it. And the books fades into the shadows of busy lives.

You Tube offers authors a way of providing self-promotion that is not intrusive. Video's can be viewed at the viewers' convenience. Weather is not an issue. Allergies are not an issue. Absence is not an issue.

But there are a lot of books out there to be read. And a lot of authors asking for your time and attention. 

My previous post brought my characters, Helen and Henry to life. This post will, optimistically, bring me to life, at your convenience. 

Our town cable tv station posts its videos at You Tube, which benefits us all.

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Be well! 
                            ~ Terry

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  1. Thank you to my many international visitors! I am so happy to read your country's names and see so many flags posted as readers of this site.

    Be well, all, and come back to read more!

    1. And thanks, too, to my friends in Virginia, Florida and Illinois! No New England visitors this month, but it's good to have as many friends in many places as we have. :)

    2. Hello, Ludlow, Massachusetts! Glad to see you here!

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    1. Thank you, Alex. I'm glad you stopped by to read, and appreciate the compliment! Have a good day, and be well.


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