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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poetry and a Folk Art inspiration: Christopher Gurshin

Welcome to a new week! The temperature has moderated, the rain has fallen and the air is drier than it had been for the past several days. It's Sunday, and so time to offer the next of my books here, with a preview, a discount, and perhaps by the end of the week a review. I'm happy to feature Poetry to Share, Vol. II, and will be offering the same 50% discount at both CreateSpace and at my webstore. You can also purchase this book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as other reputable online stores. It is not available as an e-book (yet, she says.)Of course, you can always email me to order a personalized copy if you'd prefer to send a check, or stop in to see us and save postage for your cash. Rick and I would love to see you!

I will offer you a sneak peek at one of the poems this book offers. This poem was written to commemorate the folk art that I often admired in a local antique store named Salt Marsh Antiques in Rowley, Massachusetts.

Having moved to Connecticut, Christopher Gurshin has his own website and now shares images of his work there. I've asked his permission to occasionally share one of his paintings  here, to accompany my words. He, in turn, has my permission to share my words with his work. Here is the poem, and an image of one of his  paintings that represents those I admired for so many years:

Then, There
by Terry Crawford Palardy

As though you are there, in your painting, you share 
The balance of work and rest earned 
The scenes you portray of a faded, soft day 
Or an evening just fallen, time turned. 

In your quieted hues, you offer hushed cues 
Of the values of effort and strength, 
The beautiful lines of the simpler times, 
sunlit workdays of limited length. 

As a glacier will melt to reveal what's concealed 
In its crystal clear center, the past, 
So the water you use when creating your hues 
Paints a moment so pure it will last. 

Time is still, in your work, without rush, in your brush 
As you labor alone, in that place. 
I work, too, but with pen. In my thoughts, it is then 
In that quieter world, I keep pace. 

When my pen's lost the view, I can find it anew, 
For you paint it, as though you are there 
What your work shows reminds us,
 though struggles may find us, 

There's a rest that is earned, one we share… 
The same rest that was earned then and there

I would love to receive a review of this poem, or of others in Poetry to Share, Vol. II. You can leave a review here as a comment (see 'comments' link below) or at Amazon or Goodreads, or via email (see header for my email: Though I've sent this book out to dozens of customers and friends, no one has yet written with feedback. Will you be the first?

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  1. I am not a poet myself, but I enjoy reading poetry.

    What I loved about this poem was the simple beauty of it. Phrases such as:

    As a glacier will melt to reveal what's concealed
    In its crystal clear center, the past,


    When my pen's lost the view, I can find it anew,
    For you paint it, as though you are there

    I like the comparison between the writer and the painter.

    1. Thank you Kathryn. If you enjoy poetry, you have the soul of a poet, and you can't ask for more than that. Your own poetry will emerge eventually!


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