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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why do you read this blog?

Englund as Freddy Krueger
I listened in on a free webinar this week. The host was Danny Iny, known today as the "Freddy Krueger of Blogging" He earned that title by 'popping up' everywhere in blogs dedicated to promoting businesses via the internet. I won't try to quote his statistics, but they were amazing. His home base is

After listening for well over two hours, I paused to think about this blog. It began in the late fall/early winter of 2011. I began by reviewing books I'd read. Soon I was reviewing books that were offered on Facebook's Talking Fiction page, and I began focusing on mysteries. Many of the books were part of a series, something I've always enjoyed reading.

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When I read I post reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, sometimes Smashwords, and almost always here at Terry's Thoughts and Threads. The reviews I post are always positive, nearly always 'Five Star' reviews. There are books that I've read that I couldn't rank at that level, and so I can't say that I review every book. Sometimes I'll review a book without designating Stars, simply because I want to share the work and promote the author, who no doubt is working very hard to improve their work.

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The software here at Blogger has enabled me to expand this blog to include my own books in the margins. I also keep adding to my "Blog List" to promote the blogs that I enjoy reading. Most of them are blogs written by authors, or by people interested in multiple sclerosis. A gadget called Zemanta links whatever I'm writing about to other related stories, which makes it look like I've scoured the internet to find additional readings for you. I do pre-read the links before allowing them to appear beneath my post - a good habit I developed as a teacher of young adolescents.

ZemantaMy 'site statistics' tells me that we've averaged about nine hundred 'pages read' per month in the six months this blog has been appearing. That's about thirty three page views per day. That may not imply that thirty three people came to the blog, as many people read more than one page once they're here. The reader counter tells me that between 7 and 14 readers is an average day.

I think that's not bad for a blog that varies between random thoughts, book promotion, book reviews, and 'other readings' links. The webinar, though, would suggest that's not even a blip on a number line. We have 47 members 'following' the blog. But the webinar suggests that 250 readers a day, or at least a week, would be a modest showing. Successful blogs reach thousands and tens of thousand of readers every day. In order to facilitate that happening, bloggers are advised to blog more often on others' blogs ... "guest blogging" ... to reach others' audiences. I have done a bit of that, writing for another's blog and interviewing an author to feature her work here.

My question for you, then, is: "What are you looking for when you open my blog? Book Reviews? Random Thoughts? The Writing Prompt Responses like April's Health Awareness campaign? "

Danny might suggest that I pick one or two of my own books at a time, and write about their content. He might encourage me to invite other authors who write in that genre to 'guest blog' here at Terry's Thoughts and Threads, optimistically bringing their own audience with them to build my numbers.

 Why do you come here to read? Whatever the reason, I am so happy that you are here!

The comment link below works, and I invite you to respond here, or to me in an email (
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  1. I don't think you should be asking people what they're looking for then seek to provide that. You need to write what you're knowledgeable and passionate about and let the appropriate audience find you. Writing to pander to others in an attempt to boost readership will defeat the purpose of blogging. You can increase your readership by blogging about popular topics like celebrity gossip for instance, but are those people who read gossip pages the type of person you want reading your blog? It will be a meaningless, un-intimate interaction. It also won't link up to whatever book/product you may want to sell e.g. a romance writer shouldn't blog about science just because she thinks it can bring in more page views. All those page views won't translate into sales for her. What you blog should be synchronised with what you enjoy and what you may be selling. Establish a theme and blog along those lines. Don't write on too many unrelated topics. While you must blog on things that interest you, also remember you're blogging for an audience who over time will come to expect certain themes from you; you don't just blog for yourself.

    PS. Nobody wants to read about random thoughts. Personally I am interested in the book reviews.

    1. Thank you for responding so quickly and honestly. I agree with all that you've said, and have been wrestling with the mixed messages I take from perhaps too many sources, when the source that counts is my reading audience. I enjoy blogging about books I've read, and sometimes meeting and interviewing the authors who wrote them.


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