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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reviewing by Indy Authors

I've received another Five Star review of my book, Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma. This is written by a fellow author, Philip Nork. Here's what he wrote:

Sept. 19, 2012

I just finished MultipleSclerosis, an Enigma by Terry Crawford Palardy and am sitting at my desk in a fog. This heart-felt memoir of a person diagnosed with MS and her battle to live a “normal” life has me re-thinking my own life.

The courage displayed, along with the confusion as to why, was portrayed brilliantly. As I read it, I felt like I was sitting with the author at a table or on a front porch, sharing a beverage, as she told me her story.

There were times I laughed and cried while in the pages of this book. It also took me back to the days when my grandparents were in the same situation … a different disease, but the same situations.

The author says, “Water doesn't try to choose a direction ... it just follows the water before it, rushing over the same rocks that were submerged in high water and exposed in drought last year, and ten years ago, and maybe fifty years ago. Nature is content to follow its established route. Only when man intervenes does the direction of the water have to change, finding and following new paths. Sometimes, the stream is strong enough to return to its own, natural path, to the dismay of those who had built in its original path.”

I take this to mean that nobody knows what is in store for them in this thing we call life. We can try to change the course of events by medicine or other things that the “professionals” prescribe, but the best things we can do is accept what fate delivers and deal with it in our own special way.

This book can help those diagnosed with diseases they don’t understand by letting them know they’re not alone. But at the same time, it can help those who are healthy by letting them into the “secret” life others may be in.

I am so glad I read this book.
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